For the past years, I had a growing interest in photography. In the last months, I’ve become much more serious about taking pictures. But the main thing: it is fun and relaxing. In an increasingly performance-oriented society, I always valued even a short hike through nothing but nature. Combining my love for being outside with photography, I went more and more into landscape photography, and have created a few pictures that I really like.

This interest is something quite different, from the stuff I normally do. A lot of my interest lie somewhere with computers. This is what made me create my first more or less serious personal page (over at chrisk91.me). I wanted to separate these hobbies of mine, for mainly one reason: I don’t want to “force” people to view the posts here. The roughly 600 visitors per month most likely don’t want to see much of my photographic explorations. Vice versa, the visitors on flickr or Instagram most likely aren’t that interested in technical stuff about flashcard software.

With that being said: I’m glad that you are here! I hope you think that my pictures are interesting, and somehow transfer the mood I was in, when I took them. The image above was taken in the black forest and shows the beautiful view on the alps. It was a rather stormy day, the clouds zipped by, but still there was great visibility! If you are interested in the full resolution, head over to flickr, and you can download it there.

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